Sunday, March 22, 2015

The SyFy Channel Seems to Operate Under The "Budget Conscious Oriented Options Program." Where Everything Looks And Is "Dirt Cheap"

Take this new show for example coming up on the SyFy Channel. It looks like the SyFy Channel is attempting a medieval epic of some sort. My God, Barney Fife from the Andy Griffith Show might as well be attempting...."King Lear"....on stage.

What can we tell just by looking at this photo?

1. It's being filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

2. The Wardrobe came from...."Bosco Johnny's Medieval Halloween Shop" beautiful, downtown Vancouver. We're not talking historically accurate...."Chain Mail" We're talking...."Chain Rubber"...."Chain Plastic"....and..."Chain Cotton." In other words, a budget conscious wardrobe not available during the...."Dark Ages"....because the fabrics weren't invented yet and weren't invented until the 1950s and later. That blue tunic looks like it's made out of the same fabric as some of my summer sport shirts. I could make the same costumes using clothing from..."Haband" the base garments, with a Halloween shop providing the accessories.

3. This show won't be epic by any means.

4.  The swords will be rubber, the blood with be ketchup, the pregnant bumps on the medieval babes will be ...."Junior Miss"....pillows from..."Sears"...., and...."Burger King Catering"....will be barely out of camera range. And everyone in front of and behind the camera (just one) will be taking all of this with a somber / glum seriousness.


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