Tuesday, March 10, 2015

If You Wind Up Watching a TV Show Where It Takes More Than a Paragraph To Explain What The TV Show Is, You Know That You Channel Surfed Directly To The "Badlands of Rotten Television" - SyFy


Close Up Kings - Well, you see there are these guys...and they're magicians...and they go to cities...and they try to coerce people into gaping at their stupid magic tricks. Some tricks are dangerous and involve rigging full scale bridges to do something dangerous and stupid. After the stupid magic trick is over with, nothing rewarding happens to viewers or the poor slobs who are observers in every episode. Just that the end credits roll and then there's the episode next week where the opening credits roll. Lots of boredom for viewers before, during, and after the magic trick is performed....But!!...The TV show is dirt cheap to produce and that's all that is important to the SyFy Channel.

Is this how...."Close Up Kings"....was...."Improv Committee Pitched"... to the SyFy Channel?

Person #1: "Well, you see there are these guys..."

Person #2: "And they're magicians...."

Person #3: "And they go to cities..."

Person #4: "And they try to coerce people into gaping at their stupid magic tricks!!"

SyFy: "Sounds like a winner to us!! We'll buy 13 episodes with no audience test pilot episode!!"

Perhaps how all of the SyFy Channel shows mutate into existence.

Please tell me that Maury Povich is the host of this thing. It would be the icing on the cake!!


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