Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Has Edward James Olmos Gone Back To Acting School Since His Frowning Excursions With Ronald D. Moore?

It's an undeniable fact. Edward James Olmos doesn't act....he frowns. I've touched on this issue many times in the past, but the issue is always worth revisiting because Edward James Olmos has always been one of those individuals masquerading as an actor who has to be seen to be believed....with the reaction always being....absolute incredulity.

Ronald D. Moore's infamous sham of "Battlestar Galactica" known as "GINO" (Galactica in Name Only) was a low budget production that cut corners in more ways than one. I've already covered such embarrassing and unfortunate aspects of that production as the business suit wardrobe, obvious location shooting in Vancouver, contemporary automobiles and apartment units....all supposedly taking place on worlds thousands of light years from Earth.

Another area (never really touched upon) where Ronald D. Moore's "GINO" cut corners was in the acting department. I'm going to be polite here in jury-rigging terminology to describe the acting style blatantly evident in "GINO"....specifically demonstrated by Edward James Olmos and (ugh!!) Mary McDonnell. It was "Short Hand Acting." Gutting all of the meat and subtle nuances minimally required to build credible characters. What were we left with in "GINO?" Frowning cartoon characters as incarnated by Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell. It's a lazy style of acting by actors whose hearts really were not into what they were doing (Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell)...and who just showed up for the paychecks. To be fair, we've seen shitty acting in other actors as well. Lee Majors in the final two seasons of the "Six Million Dollar Man"....and "William Shatner" in anything he does.

And Edward James Olmos won acclaim for his acting in "GINO?" From whom? The stealth marketing mechanism at NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel?

Edward James Olmos is now returning to television for a series of guest appearances on HBO. Does HBO know what they're getting with Edward James Olmos? Olmos may have been a good actor at some point in his career....but at some point in his career....he adopted this....."I really don't give a shit about this acting job so I'm just going to frown my way through it".....attitude of his. What is an undeniable that when Edward James Olmos chooses to be a shitty actor.....(as he was in Ronald D. Moore's "GINO" series) one does it better than he does. Edward James Olmos can even "Out-Shit" Lee Majors and William Shatner in the shitty acting department if he so chooses.

The problem is a potential employer (such as HBO) supposed to know in advance what "mood" Edward James Olmos is going to be in if they hire him for an acting job? Is Edward James Olmos going to be in "Shitty Acting Mode" if he's hired for a new project....or is he actually going to do the job he was hired for? This is the dilemma presently facing HBO (and they don't even know it.) They hired him for a series of guest appearance on "Dexter." Is HBO going to learn the hard way (while the cameras are rolling) that Edward James Olmos chose to be in......"Shitty Acting Mode?"

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