Thursday, May 12, 2011

SyFy Channel Couldn't Beat "Star Trek"....So It Might As Well Join It

Lordy...Lordy....Look at that schedule!! Filled to the brim with "Star Trek: The Next Generation" reruns!! It would be premature to say that this ends the SyFy Channel's inexplicable love affair with Ronald D. Moore's "Galactica in Name Only" reruns....but it would be appropriate to say that after close to a decade of trying to come up with a "Star Trek-esque" franchise (Ronald D. Moore's "GINO") in order to try and compete with the "Star Trek" juggernaut.. (and failing miserably while trying to do so)......SyFy Channel has finally thrown in the towel and is broadcasting "Star Trek" itself instead. How they got the rerun rights from Paramount is anyone's guess.

Maybe the next time around (if Comcast doesn't gut the SyFy Channel long before then)....SyFy Channel will have learned that it takes more than one guy (Ronald D. Moore....with a singular...flawed...and arrogant vision)) to come up with a well thought out competitor to Paramount Pictures "Star Trek" franchise. It takes scores of producers and writers working well together and on the same page together....with their hearts always in the right place. This is why "Star Trek" turned into the franchise juggernaut it is today. You initially had Gene Roddenberry giving Harve Bennett his blessings and approval to reboot the theatrical franchise in the early 1980s. This was followed by Gene Roddenberry hiring Rick Berman to help him mount "Star Trek: The Next Generation." This led to great people such as Michael Pillar...Rene Encheverra....and Brannon Braga (all on the same page together with a common love of "Star Trek") coming together harmoniously and building on the franchise with multiple sequel series. It took a good dozen people in the "above the line" ranks (being on the same page) initially overseen by Gene Roddenberry before his unfortunate turn "Star Trek" into the media giant it is today.

Is it any wonder then...why almost a decade later....SyFy Channel still doesn't have a "Battlestar Galactica" franchise (media juggernaut) compete with Paramount Pictures "Star Trek" franchise? And why SyFy Channel has been reduced to showing "Star Trek" reruns instead? In this case.....One man with the flawed vision (Ronald D. Moore)....was 11 people short....and the wrong man to turn to.

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