Friday, May 13, 2011

Mourning The Loss of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman

Yes...television viewers never really had her in the first place to enjoy week to week as Wonder Woman, but what is evident in this only known photo of her as the amazonian princess, is that Adrianne Palicki would have been perfect for the role. Exuding beauty and kick ass toughness at the same time, Palicki would have very easily carried on the proud tradition established by Lynda Carter.

This is one project definitely worth a second look by the other broadcast networks after NBC-TV unfortunately took a pass. There were no problems that couldn't have been fixed with this project. The pilot script could have been re-written, the role of Diana Prince in 21st Century America could have been re-evaluated. I for one would have loved to see this Wonder Woman take on the corrupted U.S. Government in the present day....from illegal oil illegal name it.
As for any supposed issues with her costume...the one displayed above is perfect.

My hopes go out to Adrianne Palicki and the cast and crew of Wonder Woman that they might get picked up by another network (even Lifetime?) in order to get at least a 13 episode season in. At the very least, the rejected pilot episode needs to be released on DVD ASAP.

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