Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When Ronald D. Moore Left NBC-Universal For Sony....Thank God NBC-U Tied A Bungee Cord Around Ron's Waist So They Could Yank Him Back Home


Or...another analogy I'm particularly fond of would be....Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.....

Dorothy: (taps her ruby slippers together) "There's no place like home...there's no place like home...."

That's all Ronald D. Moore has to do if he wants to be teleported out of his potentially unsuccessful experience at Sony...and return home to the nurturing bosom of NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel.

Things haven't been working out too well for Ronald D. Moore since he left NBC-Universal for Sony. In a sense, he never really left NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel because his only customer thus far for what he has developed at Sony....has been NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel. The one project they did buy from Ronny boy...."17th Precinct"......looks like it might not see the light of day after all. But...hasn't this always been a recurring career theme with Ronald D. Moore? He goes....somewhere else.....to develop project(s)....such as FOX TV and his doomed "Virtuality"....Virtuosity".....project...It failed and he returned home to NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel a short time later. He recently left NBC-Universal to develop projects at Sony....and he might be returning home again....to NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel if "17th Precinct" doesn't get picked up as a series.

Bungee cords and Ruby Slippers indeed!! It's time to come back home...Ronny boy. "Mama and Papa NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel" have your milk and cookies waiting for you.

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