Sunday, May 8, 2011

So...The Jewish Run Hollywood? So Far I'm Not Impressed

As far as the Jewish are concerned....every decision they make (and have ever made) in the movie and television industry (no matter how ludicrous)....makes perfect sense to them. These are a group of people who have turned the corporate wide persecution of a television program from 1978 ("Battlestar Galactica") into a deeply personal religion on the order of Scientology, and then try to pass their behavior off as run of the mill....every behavior. These are also a group of people who have gone to great lengths to boast about their supposed....."Intellectualism"......yet for but one or two television series they have managed to make of some residual value ("Masterpiece Theater"...."Nova")....the Jewish landscape is littered with sad examples (and scores of) anything but....."Intellectualism"......Yes.... the Jewish have primarily brought us the likes of "Gilligan's Island"....."ALF"......."Diff'rent Strokes"....."Facts of Life"......."Chips"......."Dukes of Hazzard"....."Love Boat"......"Fantasy Island"....."Fall Guy"....."Charlie's Angels"....."Punky Brewster".....and "Challenge of the Superheroes."

As an avid television viewer since the 1970s....I haven't seen "jack shit"....from the Jewish who run the television industry in terms of any evidence to back up how supposedly "brilliant"....and....."intellectual" they love to think of themselves as. What I have seen and have read multiple lost opportunities in developing promising and original concepts for television series....all too frequent backstabbing from behind the scenes (ask director Richard Colla what he really thinks of Glen A. Larson after he temporarily worked for Larson while filming the "Battlestar Galactica" pilot in 1978)....and television series all too frequently produced badly....written badly....conceived badly.....cast badly.....and repetitious as hell.

I have no doubt that the Jewish will eventually find the right profession for themselves, where their accomplishments will live up to their narcissistic and psychological love of themselves....but it will never be in the television industry. These people belong on Wall Street...or engaging in corporate goings on overseas....where the routine backstabbing and malice should make them feel right at home. They don't belong in the television industry where their staggering lack of imagination combined with their collective ineptitude has littered the television landscape with more junk than residual value for decades.

The SyFy Channel has been run by the Jewish....and look where the channel is....and what it A graveyard of programming....patchwork.....consisting cut.....junk. What they have excelled at in the television demolition.....of everything they think about...and eventually touch. And they seem to think....that there is something deeply be found in what they routinely mismanage and demolish via bad management. The Jewish took the music videos out of MTV....took the science fiction out of the SyFy (Sci-Fi) Channel....turned the Travel Channel into the "Zak Bagans Network"....and turned the Discovery Channel into the "Area 51 Network." Curiously, they have left some channels alone. Lifetime is still the home of sappy soap opera-esque movies for will still see animals on "Animal Planet"...and you will still see food on the Food Network. Are these brilliant people? The most generous compliment I can come up with is....they're misguided.

The Jewish....for all of their self boasting of brilliance and intellectualism.....just can't intellectually handle the  subject of science fiction on television. For the life of them....they have never...ever.....been able to do science fiction properly on television. Oh....they can fuck the hell out of televised science fiction...and of course deny any wrongdoing (as they usually do).....but all too frequently....the disastrous attempts of the Jewish to handle televised science fiction....turn into demolition fodder for the local salvage yard. Even when they do science fiction badly on television (Ronald D. Moore's "GINO"...."Caprica"....and "Blood & Chrome").....they still try to turn these wretched television series into status symbols for themselves. The implication being that they have always lacked genuine status in their own lives. And what is this business of them trying to turn the SyFy (Sci-Fi) Channel into a home base for this status they so desperately want to achieve?

The partnership of Ronald D. Moore and the SyFy (Sci-Fi) Channel has meant absolutely nothing to the general public....television viewers...or science fiction fans, and it has meant even less to the almighty dollar. But it has meant everything in the world to the Jewish for some reason. They love this guy, despite the fact that he hasn't done the SyFy Channel's shareholders any favors with "GINO"...."Caprica"....or "Blood & Chrome."

Where is the science fiction television programming that's going to give me a hard-on? Where is the science fiction television programming bubbling with inspired thinking....original thinking....and watershed brilliance? You can be assured that it won't come from the Jewish. They've been too busy committing the frown and mumblings of Edward James Olmos to film. They've been too busy attiring groups of people (supposedly not of this Earth) in business suits. They've been too busy filming rapes...and filming the snapping of babies necks.

If the Germans ran Hollywood and behaved in this manner....I would be slamming the Germans. Ditto for the Italians...the Irish....etc. The Jewish have brought this on themselves by making Hollywood exclusively "their turf"....and then fucking up really every the process of doing so. If Hollywood were a healthy mix of different nationalities in corporate would simply be a case of industry wide ineptitude....not related to nationality.  However, the fact that such ineptitude has been exclusively indigenous to a particular nationality (the Jewish).....dominating a particular profession.... leads me to believe that I'm on to something here.

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