Monday, May 30, 2011

Why Does The SyFy Channel Have To Isolate Itself From The Rest Of The Broadcast / Cable Industry With Its Own....Private "Upfronts" Ceremony?

"The 2011 Syfy Upfront will be presented at the Foxwoods Theatre, where the channel is hosting a live performance of SPIDER-MAN Turn Off the Dark for the advertising community. Syfy is the official media partner of the Broadway show."

The broadcast and cable television industry has already held its "2011 Upfronts Ceremony." Evidently, the SyFy Channel doesn't participate in that en masse ceremony but instead.....holds its own.....private "Upfronts Ceremony".....isolated from the rest of the broadcast and cable industry.

This doesn't surprise me in the slightest as I honestly cannot envision the SyFy Channel being able to hold its corporate head up high in the presence of its peers....not after its long troubled history of providing garbage television programming on a routine basis.. This sheds a new light (as far as I'm concerned) on the SyFy Channel's reputation within the much larger sphere of its mismatched profession. In short, I don't believe that the SyFy Channel is held in the highest regard by its peers in the broadcast and cable industry and thus, they have to isolate themselves from them. It's also a safe bet that the SyFy Channel isn't in the same financial league as the rest of its peers, and thus have to remain isolated from them out of embarrassment.

Exactly what sorts of advertisers is the SyFy Channel going to try and "woo" at this extremely private and isolated...."Boy In The Plastic Bubble" ceremony of theirs? It certainly couldn't and wouldn't be one of the biggies in the advertising community....such as McDonalds, Burger King, or Sears. They wouldn't waste their time and money on the SyFy Channel. I think the SyFy Channel's reach to potential advertisers (based upon its past as rotten television programmers) would be limited to those lesser known corporations no one has ever heard of such as "Red Wigglers - The Cadillac of Worms"......"Shady Hills Rest Home" (shady much like the SyFy Channel)....and the "Rolling Thunder Bowel Cleanser Tonic."

The SyFy Channel's most profitable program (which isn't saying much) is "WWF Wrestling." The staged and fake free for all where all of the wrestlers are trained by professional stunt coordinators to give the false impression that they are knocking the shit out of each other. This will be the SyFy Channel's strongest card in the deck when they go to this private "Upfront" ceremony of theirs to try and suck advertising dollars from the Wall Street rejects who will be there.

Should I wish the SyFy Channel the best of luck?

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