Monday, May 2, 2011

SyFy Channel's Official Formula For Sticking With Any Low Rated Series From Ronald D. Moore

Low Ratings + Stealth Marketing Created Critical Acclaim = Rubber Stamped Season Renewals

We unfortunately live in an era when SyFy Channel's infamous behavior towards any piece of crap produced and written by Ronald D. Moore receives the "Red Carpet" treatment no matter how financially unsuccessful it turns out to be. Those of us who have been unfortunate enough to witness the SyFy Channel's eccentric behavior towards anything produced and written by Ronald D. Moore know damn well that the SyFy Channel's eccentric behavior towards Ronald D. Moore and anything he produces / writes routinely follows a pattern of supreme irrationality. For example...

1. We know damn well....that "Blood & Chrome" is going to be alot more than a mere "Backdoor Pilot."

2. We know damn well....that "Blood & Chrome" will go immediately into production as a 13 episode first / half season  regardless of how low the ratings are on the "Backdoor Pilot."

3. We know damn well....that the SyFy Channel's routine misuse of stealth marketing (using it instead as an instrument for verbally assaulting anyone in the public domain who dislikes "Blood & Chrome" who dares to say so on Internet bulletin boards)...will be back in full force during the artificially forced existence of "Blood & Chrome - The Series."

4. We know damn well....that "Blood & Chrome - The Series" will suffer low ratings to such an extent....that the series willl go on indefinite hiatus before the first half dozen episodes are even broadcast (at least until the SyFy Channel gets around to rubber stamping the series for a second season), and that SyFy Channel will make misleading statements to the contrary as to why "Blood & Chrome - The Series" really went on hiatus.

5. We know damn well....that supposedly reputable and unbiased television critics will be crawling out of the woodwork in order to sing "scripted praises" (scripted praises direct from the SyFy Channel's guerrilla style stealth marketing department) for "Blood & Chrome - The Series." And I'll bet all of you were wondering why every single printed compliment of a Ronald D. Moore television series (supposedly from a random group of television critics)....always sound the same. As if these critics are....reciting from a script?

6. We know damn well....that everyone associated with "Blood & Chrome - The Series" will be doing the "Publicity Junket Schtick" order to give the supremely misleading impression that "Blood & Chrome - The Series" is more successful than it actually is. Complete with Ronald D. Moore in his George Lucas (1970s style beard and moustache) posing like Donald Trump in front of one of his casinos....for the "Blood & Chrome" publicity photos.

7. We know damn well....that for some God forsaken unknown reason....(because the SyFy Channel's guerrilla style stealth marketing will tell us so)....that "Blood & Chrome - The Low Rated Series"...will receive meritorious mention from Harlan Ellison....The United Nations...."The Girl Scout Den Mothers of America"..."The New York City Transit Authority"....."Boy's Town"...."The International Brotherhood of Practicing Cardiologists"......David Letterman....."Steel Welders Union Local #576"......"Chocolate Headquarters / Hershey Pennslyvania"......"The Betty Ford Clinic"......"Cancer Treatment Centers of America"....."9/11 Responders".....Ashley Judd....and Angelina Jolie / Brad Pitt.

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