Saturday, May 28, 2011

SyFy Channel Unveils Largest Programming Slate Ever....And Will Remain In The Ratings Sewer Because of It

In the above article, we can see once again that the SyFy Channel is suffering from its long mutating ailment of outrageous ambition far exceeding what they can actually accomplish (intellectually) as television programmers. The SyFy Channel needs to start being honest with itself in that since its name change in 2009 to "SyFy".....they haven't accomplished a damn thing for themselves, and viewership is pretty much at the shitty levels they always have been. In no small part due to the fact that the same old, no talent hacks (Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern) are still practicing their patented and ever reliable "failure" at the channel.

According to Mark Stern, the SyFy Channel global brand name is "sizzling!!" It's "sizzling" alright!! In his imagination. The SyFy Channel has experienced unprecedented growth and success in the past two his imagination. The SyFy Channel is a globally recognized and lauded brand name (on the order of Lady GaGa's fame) his imagination. The SyFy Channel has successfully branched off into all sorts of different types of business ventures (based upon the SyFy Channel's initial success as a super spectactular, staggeringly successful cable channel) his imagination.

If the SyFy Channel ever achieves marginal success some will not be due to such lame ass television programs as the "Blood & Chrome" movie...."Marcel's Quantum Kitchen"......"WWF Wrestling"......and the new lame ass television programs mentioned in the above article.

According to Mark Stern....things have been and are presently "crisp" at the SyFy Channel!! "Sizzling!!" The SyFy Channel is more "alive!!".....than life itself!! Yes!! The SyFy Channel is "crisp"....and "sizzling"....and more alive than life itself......WITH FAILURE!! The SyFy Channel has been "crisp!!".....and "sizzling!!"....because they've been burning their own bacon in the frying pan with stupid ass (and financially unsuccessful) programming ideas for the past two years alone.....just under the banner "SyFy." Let's not even get into how much they sucked as a cable channel when they still called themselves "Sci-Fi Channel." Otherwise known as the "Ronald D. Moore" years or more specifically....NBC-Universal's....."Waterloo."

The new television programs mentioned in the article above are exactly like the old television programs on the SyFy Channel in that they lack inspired thinking and original ideas. That infamous two-edged sword the SyFy Channel keeps impaling itself on.

Thank you very much, but I'll take my viewership some place else as I always have done. I have little patience for a poorly programmed (and managed) commercial broadcast network without a discernable on-air identity.

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