Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When Is Someone Going To Finally Tell Ronald D. Moore That He Has No Talent?

You would think by now...someone would have told Ronald D. Moore the blunt truth about his solo excursions into producing and scriptwriting. The fact that he has absolutely no talent whatsoever in either area. Ronald D. Moore is long past the point of needing "tough love" from his agent....his family.....or his spouse. These people should have told him (long...long....long before now) that he needs to go back to school in order to be taught what good drama is....what legitimate drama is.....what constitutes commercially accessible and attractive characters for the mass market television audience....what range of acting skills potential cast members need to have long before they are even hired....and what constitutes good scriptwriting for the mass market television audience. In short...Ronald D. Moore needs to be taught his present profession from the ground up....before he cranks out anymore crap on the order of "GINO"..."Caprica"...."Blood & Chrome"....and "17th Precinct."

It really says something (all bad) that Ronald D. Moore's "buddies" at NBC-TV and SyFy Channel have been the only customers of Ronald D. Moore's...."Remedially Academic Forays into Emulating" legitimate producers and scriptwriters....after almost 10 years. Where are Ronald D. Moore's other customers? You know...right? The sorts of legitimate customers Ronald D. Moore is really supposed to have spanning the entire industry regardless of  whether or not they are his friends or not? The sort of a customer base Ronald D. Moore really should have by now after being out on his own for almost a decade...and producing product for almost a decade? Why aren't customers (other than Ronald D. Moore's usual "buddies" at NBC-TV and SyFy Channel) forming a single file line at Sony just waiting to purchase his next project?

Sometimes the unspoken word is telling....and what the overall television industry hasn't told Ronald D. Moore (but they really are thinking it) that he is a "fluffy lightweight" in the producing and scriptwriting arena....his skills in both areas are dubious at best.....and his services will not be needed by 99% of the television industry. But!! If Ronald D. Moore goes back to school and learns how to be a better and legitimate producer and scriptwriter....his services just might be needed after that. The television industry overall can only go by what they have seen Ronald D. Moore produce and write....and they aren't impressed.

How could anyone not have told Ronald D. Moore...that the endless frowning and mumbling of Edward James Olmos was not good not good scriptwriting...and is not good acting? Ditto for Mary McDonnell. Those who surround Ronald D. Moore are just as guilty as he is for making crap television...because those who surround Ronald D. Moore have never had the gonads the size of church bells to tell him that his lack of knowledge regarding what good drama staggering. That he is quite frankly....a no talent hack. Negative drama is infinitely easier to make than positive drama. Guess which direction Ronald D. Moore always goes in every single time? You don't need to be as talented as those producers who are in order to do what Ronald D. Moore always does. It's child's play to create negative drama consisting of nothing more than pointless violence....frowning....mumbling.....soap opera clap-trap. You don't even need a G.E.D. in order to do that. You just need friends at NBC-TV and SyFy Channel to let you do that.

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