Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hey....SyFy Channel!! How About Some Professional Courtesy Here!! If You're Going to Rip-Off Someone's Movie....At Least Ask Them First!!

These are the people the SyFy Channel needs to get permission from before they rip-off their "Leprechaun" movie....

Executive Producer.......Mark Amin
Associate Producer.......Barry Barnholtz
Supervising Producer....Jim Begg
Producer......Jeffrey B. Mallian

And of course.....Trimark Pictures

Is there no end to the SyFy Channel's shame.......?

St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun (working title) — St Patrick’s Day, Saturday, March 17th, 2012 — An evil leprechaun who has been imprisoned within the roots of a majestic old oak tree, is accidentally set loose on St. Patrick’s Day.  Once free, he takes out his bloody revenge on the descendants of the people who originally imprisoned him.  A production of After Dark Films.

Update: Trimark Pictures merged with LionsGate in 2000. So it is LionsGate that the SyFy Channel needs to get permission from.

You want to know what the SyFy Channel does? They go back 20 or 30 years and look over old movies for story ideas....thinking that no one will remember the movies that they are ripping off. Grow up, SyFy Channel. The world isn't that naive.

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