Monday, May 9, 2011

Ronald D. Moore's "17th Precinct" Is In Trouble...Might Not Get Picked Up After All!5797764/fall-tv-update-which-new-shows-are-a-sure-thing-and-which-are-doa

Ronald D. Moore and his usual band of contract actors and behind the scenes personnel are like a migrating herd of buffalo...They roam the countryside looking for the next "gig" to plug themselves into....never learning from the previous mistakes they made in the previous television series they were in....("GINO")....

For truly eccentric reasons only Ronald D. Moore and NBC-TV would understand....."17th Precinct" has ultimately shaped up to be nothing more than "GINO" with a name change....because all of the behind the scenes personnel and non-actors who worked in "GINO" are now firmly installed at the "17th Precinct." Is it hard to understand then....that "17th Precinct" is presently on the fence and might not get picked up after all?

What I would love to know is.....what down graded "17th Precinct" from being a "sure thing" to....might not be picked up as a series after all? Could it be that the newly managed NBC-TV by Comcast got a "whiff" of the dailies and concluded that "17th Precinct"....quite ass? Could it be that Comcast's rude indoctrination into the supremely untalented mind of Ronald D. Moore is leading to the cancellation of "17th Precinct" before it even airs?

Word has it that "17th Precinct" is presently in competition with another supernatural drama of a similar nature ("Grimm") for pick-up by NBC-TV. Which series do you think will win out given Ronald D. Moore's previous flair for delivering simultaneous low ratings to both Sci-Fi Channel and NBC-TV? Here's a little hint....Ronald D. Moore's "Thing" remake script has been re-written by another writer...and his "Virtuosity" series on FOX was cancelled before it ever aired.

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