Thursday, May 19, 2011

How Fortunate That The "Blue Collar Teamsters" in Vancouver, British Columbia Always Have The SyFy Channel to Support Them

Yes....the SyFy Channel makes utter crap and garbage (anything produced by Ronald D. Moore) well as their crappy ass monster movies every week....but they're stimulating the local economy in Vancouver, British Columbia while doing so!! I'll wager an entire blue collar community has sprung up in Vancouver, British Columbia devoted exclusively to making the SyFy Channel's usual crap. These are people who work hard, party hard, and have turned the local taverns into gold mines. I'm sure these blue collar people have their personal opinions as to how crappy the SyFy Channel's programming is...but they don't care!!....and why should they? Because regardless of how crappy the SyFy Channel's programming always is, these people continue to get paid.....and can support their families and get drunk on the weekends with what's left over because of it.

In some inadvertent....deranged way...the SyFy Channel has been doing charity work for the local economy in Vancouver. Oh sure...other productions from other production companies do business there....but surely not as frequently as the SyFy Channel. One shot movies come to there....and then go home. But the SyFy Channel!! Wow!! One crappy ass television series after another from them gets filmed in Vancouver....their "set in stone"....crappy ass monster movies get filmed there. The SyFy Channel's ever perpetuating appetite for crap television programming has no doubt stimulated the local economy in Vancouver in such a way....that the "blue collar locals" have probably never had it so good!! giving credit where credit is due.....I'm going to give the SyFy Channel the only compliment I will ever give them....

Thank you SyFy Channel!! Your inadvertent charity work in Vancouver, British Columbia....for the benefit of the local "Blue Collar Teamsters" (and their families)......was and forever shall be....highly commendable!!

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