Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Has The SyFy Channel Dusted Off Its Stealth Marketing Playbook Yet For "Blood & Chrome?"


1. Hand pick all of the television critics in advance who will be allowed to review the "Blood & Chrome" pilot. Each critic to be personally screened by Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern well in advance. Check.

2. Give each one of these hand picked television critics a copy of the stealth marketing script to be followed to the letter while they are writing up their sham (favorable) reviews of the "Blood & Chrome" pilot. Check.

3. If "Blood & Chrome" goes to a 13 episode first season, keep all of these hand picked television critics on hand to favorably review all 13 episodes. Check.

4. Get the stealth marketing firm "Abraham & Harrison" on the phone so they can begin re-populating such Internet bulletin boards as in order to resume verbally attacking anyone in the general public domain who dares to criticize the "Blood & Chrome" production. Check.

5. Get all of the "sham awards" lined up and firmly in place so that "Blood & Chrome" can immediately begin receiving all of the stealth marketing praise it so richly does not deserve. Check.

6. Get all of the SyFy Channel sham press releases (complete with rigged ratings data routinely overstating "Blood & Chrome's performance in the ratings) firmly in place for instantaneous release across the entire Internet. Check.

7. Immediately begin getting Ronald D. Moore fitted for "royalty robes" and a crown so he can begin making his public appearances as "Pope Ron Moore I" in order to help promote the "Blood & Chrome" pilot. Check.

8. Immediately begin prepping Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern with their "We didn't know we were this wonderful and brilliant....we were just doing our jobs" speeches when they are interviewed  by the press for "Blood & Chrome." Check.

9. Bribe "Entertainment Weekly" with a huge fee so that Ronald D. Moore and the "Blood & Chrome" cast can get that cover photo on the next issue of "Entertainment Weekly!!" Check.

10. Remind Russell Sanders and Jim Bennett of their usual stealth marketing duties associated with this production. Check.

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