Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hey!!...SyFy Channel!!.....How's That "Touchy...Feely" Self Consolation Going For Ya' Everytime You Cancel a Science Fiction Television Series?

SyFy Channel never blames themselves when they cancel a science fiction television series. Oh no!! Of course not!! Every deranged "fuck up" that has plagued this screwy network ever since it was owned by NBC-Universal has been but the product of chance and methodical business decision making. And the "fuck-ups" themselves (as the SyFy Channel would love for us to believe) really aren't fuck ups at all. This guy in the Gateworld interview sounds just like Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern in that he attempts to wax over the true eccentricities of the SyFy Channel by claiming....(in true Republican tradition).....that there really is a normal mode of operation and a sound business model rooted in rational everything the SyFy Channel does. And the routine "fuck ups" of the channel are mere misconceptions.

 It's news to me that the SyFy Channel suddenly loves science fiction television programming. Yes...they love it so much that they have stuffed their corporate "A-Holes" with the likes of "WWF Wrestling"....."Marcel's Quantum Kitchen".....and unconvincing CGI rendered monster movies every Saturday night. They love it so much that they felt it necessary to end the "Stargate" franchise on television.....because as we all know with the SyFy Channel.....they love to end science fiction franchises on television that could easily go for another decade on the air ("Farscape")......for no reason at all.

The cancellation of "Stargate" is in actuality....yet another example of the SyFy Channel continuing to clean house and purge this general broadcast / cable network of the very science fiction programming they claim to love so much in order to further mutate the SyFy Channel into the......"Ronald D. Moore / WWF / Cooking Network." Let's get to the real meat of the matter as to what the SyFy Channel's real position is on science fiction television programming. They're reaching the point where the only way they will finance it and broadcast if Ronald D. Moore supplies it to them. Let me re-phrase that. The only way they will finance it and broadcast if Ronald D. Moore supplies to them what they believe to be fiction television programming. Which in the "SyFy Channel Vernacular" outer space soap opera set on various "Class M" (Earth like planets) from "Star Trek" we've seen in "GINO"....."Caprica"....and will see in "Blood & Chrome."

The SyFy Channel didn't need to cancel "Stargate" because anything left over from the "Sci-Fi Channel" has never needed to be purged. What needs to be purged is the SyFy Channel's present management.

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