Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is Comcast Closing In On The NBC-Universal Stealth Marketers?

Guerrilla Style Stealth Marketing: "An antiquated style of unethical self promotion in which designated members of middle to upper management at Universal Studios and SyFy Channel (with the assistance of hired hands from the stealth marketing firm 'Abraham & Harrisoon') were assigned the disgusting task of trying to strong arm....coerce.....intimidate....shout down....and verbally assault members of the general public into overlooking how unbelievably awful the television programming was (and presently is) on the SyFy Channel."

Comcast has officially taken over ownership of Universal Studios and SyFy Channel. The fact that they have already noticed how badly Universal Studios and SyFy Channel need an overhaul indicates that Comcast is managed by some very bright people. It's only a matter of time before Comcast gets down to the "sharpened pencil point nitty gritty" of learning all about...what they now own. I'm sure Comcast will eventually want to know....(and they will find out) the SyFy Channel goes about promoting itself....and its television programs....particularly those television programs supplied to them by Ronald D. Moore. Imagine the astonishment in Comcast's corporate eyes....when they find out....(and they will find out)..... that the only way the SyFy Channel (Sci-Fi) has been able to survive by the skin of its teeth for the past decade or so....has been to verbally assault the general public on Internet bulletin boards in order to strong arm them into watching their (Ronald D. Moore dominated slate.)...And that the stealth marketing firm...."Abraham & Harrison"....was hired by the SyFy Channel to assist them in this verbal assault. Imagine the astonishment in Comcast's corporate eyes....when their internal investigation regarding this matter....leads them directly to the office doors of.....Bonnie Hammer....David Howe....and Mark Stern.

Is that all? Will Comcast want to learn more about what they now own? I'm glad you asked!! Will Comcast be intensely curious....for to why NBC-TV and SyFy Channel are still purchasing product from Ronald D. Moore despite Ronald D. Moore's long track record of delivering consistent low ratings (close to a decade) to the SyFy Channel...and to a lesser degree NBC-TV? I know I would want to know if I were the new owner of NBC-TV and SyFy Channel. I know I would want to know....why the curse of low ratings....and every new Ronald D. Moore always attached to NBC-TV and SyFy Channel. I know I would want to know.....why someone at NBC-TV or SyFy Channel didn't put an end to the unfruitful Ronald D. Moore partnership.....long before now.

Do you think Comcast will eventually want to know the answer to all of these questions when they eventually get around to giving SyFy Channel and NBC-TV....their undivided (evaluation based) attention?

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