Monday, May 16, 2011

The Fantasy / Mythology of Stealth Marketing Continues to Collide With The Reality of Ronald D. Moore...The Flawed And Boring Television Producer

I suppose Ronald D. Moore's agent....or Ronald D. Moore himself would refer to it as....."A Career Enhancement." Instead of using stealth marketing to promote a show via spewing untrue claims of brilliance and grandeur about the show, Ronald D. Moore has been using the practice instead to try and enhance his career (like psychological steroids.) We've all seen and read them....haven't we? Every Internet fluffy piece (news story) about Ronald D. Moore (and what he is up to) always manages to throw in one of those.....untrue stealth marketing zingers about Ronald D. Moore. Such as....

I. "God's gift to televised science fiction Ronald D. Moore"......has just inked a deal with CBS-TV to develop a re-boot of the 1960s television series "Wild, Wild West."

II. "Battlestar Guru Stud God Ronald D. Moore".....has just signed with Sony to develop new television projects for them.

III. "Men want to be like him and all women want him Ronald D. Moore" putting the finishing touches on inking a deal with SyFy Channel to produce a sequel series to "Caprica" titled "Blood & Chrome."

IV. "The likely successor to the Lord thy God when God retires Ronald D. Moore" presently putting the finishing touches on developing a top secret theatrical project with Tom Cruise.

V. "The pinnacle of human evolutionary development if you eat all of your fruits and vegetables Ronald D. Moore".....has just been informed that his "17th Precinct" television series will not be picked up by NBC-TV for the fall of 2011. No comment from Sire Ronald D. Moore presently on sabbatical on.....Mount Olympus.

VI. "Harlan Ellison's new idol Ronald D. Moore"......has multiple new television productions presently in development at Sony.

VII. "The New Global Ambassador to the United Nations Ronald D. Moore".....explains that he had an entire second season of "Caprica" mapped out before the unfortunate cancellation order came down on that series from the SyFy Channel.

VIII. "United Federation of Planets President Ronald D. Moore".....recently told the "Hollywood Reporter" that he is growing tired of dabbling in televised science fiction....and would much prefer to make a little television series (with no dialogue) about a dog and a gopher set on a golf course.

IX. "Kryptonian citizen Ronald D. Moore" still hopeful that his "Thing" remake script ultimately won't be rewritten and will be filmed verbatim.

X. "Covert homosexuals would gladly come out of the closet for him Ronald D. Moore" hoping to do another project with all of his former "Battlestar" cast members sometime soon.

Would you want to be Ronald D. Moore's agent if he needed all of this round the clock stealth marketing (to artificicially and temporarily boost his career) for close to a decade now?

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