Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ronald D. Moore is a Staff Writer In His Soul...Not a Wildly Talented Television Producer

Quite frankly, Ronald D. Moore needs a career counselor...and he / she needs to be blunt with him. He is never going to be the next George Lucas or Steven Spielberg...he is never going to be the definitive breakout producing / writing star of commercial or cable television....he is never going to reinvent televised science fiction, and he will never....ever....improve upon the only true "1978 Battlestar Galactica" series. No amount of staged...fake awards from Harlan Ellison, dubious discussions at the United Nations attempting to elevate his style of scriptwriting into something it plainly isn't, or guerrilla style stealth marketing from SyFy Channel will ever change these blunt truths.

Ronald D Moore is....quite frankly....a marginal scriptwriter with dubious...neophyte experience in executive producing projects all by his little lonesome. Ronald D. Moore is a staff writer in his soul...which is why he ended up as one when working on "Star Trek: The Next Generation." When he was inexplicably promoted to producing duties on that show and "Deep Space Nine"....thank God he had higher ranking producers (working with him) to absorb the blast and cushion the blows of whatever suggestions he may have put forth. An individual with greater talents would have graduated long before now beyond the necessity of repeatedly needing old guard buddies at SyFy Channel and NBC-TV to take him by the hand and attempt to build a career for him. As of now....eight years and counting.

Ronald D. Moore's latest rejected project by NBC-TV ("17th Precinct") exhibited all of the common symptoms of unoriginality and boredom found in his other consecutive rejected projects ("Virtuality", "The Thing" remake, the Tom Cruise project....etc.) Ronald D. Moore comes up with ideas for projects that quite frankly grade school children could come up with on their own...."Harry Potter set in a police precinct." The next rungs of the high wire rope ladder Ronald D. Moore (no doubt) will be grasping for is his "Blood & Chrome" project which we all know he will eventually get involved with again because as of now....he doesn't have a developing project at Sony to sell to anybody. Mark my words. Ronald D. Moore will be heading back home to SyFy Channel and the "Blood & Chrome" project very....very....soon. Because as Richard Gere once yelled to Louis Gossett Jr. in "An Officer and a Gentlemen"..........."I have nowhere else to go!!"

The best career advice Ronald D. Moore could receive? Get involved with a staff writer's circle again (somewhere) and blend in. Don't assert any individuality because that tends to get him into trouble.

As for Ronald D. Moore's dreaded...supposed a "Wild, Wild West" remake....I'll stick with the only true "Wild, Wild West" series starring Robert Conrad and Ross Martin.

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