Sunday, May 22, 2011

Maybe The Same NBC-TV Executives Who Cancelled "17th Precinct" Need to Cancel The "Blood & Chrome" Pilot As Well

They tend to not cancel Ronald D. Moore's junk over at the SyFy Channel. At least not right away. SyFy Channel likes to let his junk rot in the sun like moldy fruit (for a season or two) before they finally get around to pulling the plug. Here's a great idea!!

How about if the same NBC-TV executives who cancelled "17th Precinct" take a little shuttle bus ride on over to the SyFy Channel in order to cancel the "Blood & Chrome" pilot?

We all know it's coming....don't we? Adhering to the moldy fruit metaphor....We all know damn well that "Blood & Chrome" isn't going to be a mere movie of the week on the SyFy Channel. Not if it involves Ronald D. Moore in some way. No Sir!! That movie of the week is going to be a pilot for an inevitable order of 13 episodes....and all 13 episodes will rot in the sun like moldy fruit due to low ratings. And those 13 episodes are going to....rot....and....rot.....and......rot.....and......rot.....on the SyFy Channel's schedule due to low ratings. And then the SyFy Channel will eventually get around to inexplicably rubber stamping "Blood & Chrome" for a second season. And then midway through the second season.....SyFy Channel will wake up and say to themselves....."We've got a turkey on our hands here....We better stop playing games and cancel this thing before it brings down the entire network!!"

Of course....this entire nightmarish scenario can be avoided if the same NBC-TV executives who cancelled "17th Precinct"....cancel "Blood & Chrome" as well. It just stands to reason...that if the Comcast corporation didn't have any faith in Ronald D. Moore's "17th Precinct".....then they shouldn't have any faith in "Blood & Chrome" either.

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