Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Behold!! The SyFy Channel's Mighty Rip-Off....Of....The Mighty Thor!!

Yes....just in time for the real "Thor" movie due to be hitting cinemas any day now...the SyFy Channel (by coincidence) has come out with their own "Thor" movie which (by coincidence) will be broadcast on the SyFy Channel at about the same time "Thor - The Real Movie" hits cinemas.

Of course...SyFy Channel's "Thor" movie has nothing to do with the Marvel Comics character of the same name, but is rather the SyFy Channel's usual....eccentric take on something they really don't own.

Not necessarily in any particular order.....

Picture #1: SyFy Channel's "Thor" looks more like a medieval waiter at one of those modern day, jousting arenas you can go to nowadays complete with dinner served to you.

Picture #2: SyFy Channel's "Thor" apparently wields a sword instead of a hammer.

Picture #3: Every character in a SyFy Channel movie needs a bimbo girlfriend.

Picture #4: Is that "Thor" in modern day settings such as a parked car and telephone poles? I guess SyFy Channel is taking its cue from Ronald D. Moore's "GINO!!"

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